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Chios Tango Encuentro!!!

30/4 - 3/5/2020

A Medieval Labyrinth:

The Beautiful Village of Mesta in Chios

One of the most beautiful, remote and well-preserved villages on the island of Chios is Mesta, which combines medieval architecture with impressive natural surroundings.

The village, 35 kilometers from the main town of Chios, has been declared a preserved medieval monument and its appearance, reminiscent of a fortress, has remained unchanged over the centuries.

The houses were built one right next to the other, thereby creating a protective wall surrounding the village. It is a castle!

The streets are cobbled and narrow, creating a kind of labyrinth.

Alley in Mesta
Mesta village 7
Chios Mesta
mesta 1

During your stay in Mesta you will enjoy the warm hospitality of the residents and you will have the opportunity to have fun with them at a feast. You will taste the island's cuisine and the traditional products of the island.

The Medieval Castle of Mesta is a dream of thousands of people all over the world to cross the paved alleys, pass under the stone arches, travel their thoughts in time, to live the History and here the story has its own value, which lasts for 20 centuries.

Are you ready to start your journey between middle Ages and 21st century?

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Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou

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Naima Gerasopoulou & Lucas Gauto

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Serhat Onuk & Berna Külahçı

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George Linardatos & Maria Chatzikonstantoglou

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For all our participants we provide special offers for accommodation at the medieval village of Mesta. 

You just have to note clearly “ For Chios Tango Encuentro” in order to get the special discount.

Mesta Village Rooms 


Travelling to Chios by plane


Travelling to Chios by ship

For all participants travelling to Chios by sea from Athens or Cesme,Turkey we have arranged special prices! 

Athens - Chios -Athens : Discount 30%
Cesme - Chios - Cesme : 20 euros
Please contact Sunrise Tours to book your ticket. You just have to declare that you will participate at 4th Chios Tango Encuentro!

Sunrise Tours

Tel. +30 2271041390

e-mail: info@sunrisetours.gr



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4th Chios Tango Encuentro


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